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Recruitment Staff Business

Position: Sales Staff
Quantity: 7 people

Recruitment Programmer. NET

Position: Staff Programmer. NET
Quantity: 3 people

Recruitment the Business Website -

• You love business.
• Do you have relationships.
• You want a monthly income.

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Webiste design as required

With the management requirements and diverse business, you may request to build a website or web application in accordance with their activities separately.

Development of application software

Nam Viet Joint Stock Company Solake Technology building management software system and application software

Process Outsourcing and software exports to foreign markets.

Nowadays, businesses often choose outsourcing services for IT applications development

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Partners - Clients

Thiet ke web hai duong
  • Microsoft

    e-Commerce Solutions
  • Oracle

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Enterprises need to know?

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Vietnam, new outsourcing destinations

Recently, the journal of the American Wall Street Journal article published by James Hookway authors appreciate the development of service sector outsourcing (outsourcing) in the software industry in Vietnam. Bloomberg introduces readers to translate this manifests.

These soft skills in Business

8 CEO's top technology world village

The characters such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison ... has made a breakthrough, building great companies with the ability to change both the technology market.

What our customers say about us?

Working with ThangPhat Jsc Vietnam great and interesting. Not only quick to respond, they were able to communicate the work flow and process their clearly and concise. We are satisfied with the service Solake made ​​good products. Solake has proved a good company to work with us and we will introduce them to other businesses in the future, those who are looking for a design company and web programming.

Nguyen Viet Tu
OSC Integrated Systems
Joint Stock Company

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